Publicity of recommendation and application for graduate workstation
Our company, together with Changzhou University, has carried out the application of Jiangsu graduate workstation, which is now announced.
Warmly celebrate the successful revision of the website of Changzhou Yougu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.!
Changzhou Yougu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing shafts and welding stator frames for wind power generator, traction motor and high voltage generator, meanwhile provides high quality overall solutions of precision machinery parts to railway transportation, wind power, medical instrument, aerospace and other high-end equipment manufacturing industries.
New breakthroughs in the transformation of Dongfang Wind Power High Voltage Crossing
At 2:40 on July 18, the first wind farm of China Resources Bridge Bay was sent back to the Czech Republic: the wind turbines after the transformation of the high voltage through the east wind power continued to raise the test point voltage while ensuring the dynamic reactive power support capability. During the test, the test point voltage ≥ 1.30 times the rated voltage, reaching the latest requirements of the State Grid, once again verified the stability and reliability of the grid adaptability of the Dongfang Wind Power High Voltage Crossing.
China’s new energy vehicles are just “capital of capital”?
Everyone has to admit that the Chinese auto market in these years belongs to new energy vehicles. Whether it is capital or public opinion, or various subsidy policies, they are all taking care of new energy vehicles. As the country with the highest sales volume of new energy vehicles, many people are subconsciously arguing that the future of automobiles belongs to new energy sources.
Outlook for 2019: Global PV demand 130GW
Unconsciously, we will say goodbye to 2018. As a researcher in the photovoltaic industry, I naturally need to review what happened in the industry in the past year, and when I was reviewing, I found that I could steal a little lazy because I As early as October 2017, I wrote a "review" of 2018. On October 10, 2017, when I discussed the direction of industrial development with Mr. Li Xianshou, the article "2018 will be the last adult ceremony of the entire photovoltaic industry" (search on today's headlines: "photovoltaic", "adult ceremony" These two keywords can be found. Now, in 2018, the basics are over. Looking back, the outlook at that time has now been fulfilled and fulfilled. The article can naturally be regarded as a review of the photovoltaic industry in 2018. Please allow my little pride, because "commitment judgment" itself is the biggest reward for my research work.
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