New breakthroughs in the transformation of Dongfang Wind Power High Voltage Crossing

New breakthroughs in the transformation of Dongfang Wind Power High Voltage Crossing

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2018/12/20 15:45
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At 2:40 on July 18, the first wind farm of China Resources Bridge Bay was sent back to the Czech Republic: the wind turbines after the transformation of the high voltage through the east wind power continued to raise the test point voltage while ensuring the dynamic reactive power support capability. During the test, the test point voltage ≥ 1.30 times the rated voltage, reaching the latest requirements of the State Grid, once again verified the stability and reliability of the grid adaptability of the Dongfang Wind Power High Voltage Crossing.

In recent years, due to the uneven distribution of wind resources in China, resource-rich areas are far from the load center, requiring large-scale centralized development, long-distance, high-voltage power transmission. Due to its characteristics, DC transmission determines that DC blocking accidents may occur, resulting in changes in the voltage of the transmitting network. This requires improving the network performance of the wind farm. On the one hand, it is necessary to maintain continuous operation in a short-term grid fault without off-grid to avoid the expansion of faults; on the other hand, the wind farm needs to actively participate in grid voltage regulation, contributing to power system frequency and voltage stability.

Wind turbines must have high voltage ride-through capability. First, their primary equipment and secondary power supply systems must be able to withstand certain grid high voltages. Secondly, it is necessary to make necessary modifications to the wind turbine control strategy, relying on the coordination between the main control system and the converter. In conjunction with the realization of high voltage during the grid, the wind turbine can be controlled without off-grid and provide reactive power support to the grid.

In order to improve the safety of the power grid, enhance the transmission capacity of the transmission line, improve the equivalent power generation time of the wind turbine, and better meet the needs of users, Dongfang Wind Power is committed to the research of high voltage traversing transformation, providing users with a systematic high voltage traversing technical transformation overall plan. The successful passing of the sampling test fully verified the reliability of the high voltage traversing transformation plan and control strategy of Dongfang Wind Power, provided technical reserves for voltage regulation and other services, and accumulated engineering experience and provided engineering experience for the subsequent high-through-function modification of wind turbines. success case.




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