China’s new energy vehicles are just “capital of capital”?

China’s new energy vehicles are just “capital of capital”?

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2018/12/20 15:43
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Everyone has to admit that the Chinese auto market in these years belongs to new energy vehicles. Whether it is capital or public opinion, or various subsidy policies, they are all taking care of new energy vehicles. As the country with the highest sales volume of new energy vehicles, many people are subconsciously arguing that the future of automobiles belongs to new energy sources.

The future of new energy belongs to China, and many people firmly believe that in the new energy era, our domestic cars can achieve overtaking in corners. Is this really true? I want to say that China's new energy vehicles are just "capital of capital."

Since the advent of the term “new energy”, countless new energy auto companies have flocked to the industry. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 300 new energy vehicle models in China! Inevitably, as more and more capital teams enter the second half, the next competition will focus on the qualifications and capabilities of the funds. We can foresee that many car companies will be shuffled out, and This day will come soon!

The core technology of electric vehicles is mainly three electric battery motors and electronic control systems. The core of the core is battery technology. Where is the world's top TV technology? That's right, in the hands of Samsung and Panasonic! As one of the most active countries in the world to promote new energy vehicles, according to the current situation, our electric vehicle technology should not be said to catch up with others. In the future, even the taillights of others may not be seen!

For three consecutive years, China's new energy vehicle production and sales have topped the list of domestic and foreign markets, which has attracted a lot of capital predators, such as Gree's Dong Mingzhu, Internet's Ma Huateng, etc., all involved in the new energy auto industry, which Some capitalists have eaten a "small horse". This is why?

In the future, the traditional industry capital injection of new energy vehicles will not have any technical accumulation except for financial support. Therefore, it is only enough to dig teams and dig technical workers to expand. The money is enough, but there are still many in the middle. The problem is that there is a problem of running-in and trust between the two sides.

It can be said that today's new energy auto industry is not short of money, and can even be said to be "rich oil"! What is missing from a large amount of real money is the abundant technical reserves, which can be used for a period of time, and it is even less likely to get a quick return.




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